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Jerry S. Kantor, M.D

Doctor Kantor is a board certified psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience working with individuals and couples with a wide array of problems.

He is a trained psychotherapist, cognitive behaviorist and psycho-pharmacologist. Doctor Kantor has done research in Panic and Anxiety Disorders publishing one of the first papers linking Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia to Mitral Valve Prolapse. He has done research with Bipolar Disorder and Lithium Maintenance and has co-authored a chapter in a textbook on the treatment of Sexual Dysfunction. Doctor Kantor edited a textbook on the differential diagnosis and treatment of depression in patients recovering from Addiction. He was a reviewer for the American Journal of Psychiatry and is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the Florida Psychiatric Society and the Lee County Medical Society. He was the Clinical Director of adult services at Charter Glade Hospital in Fort Myers and practiced in Princeton before moving to Florida. While in New Jersey, Doctor Kantor taught psychopharmacology in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University.

He attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where he received the Pfizer Award for achieving the highest academic standing in his medical school class. He went on to graduate AOA with Highest Honors, second in the class ahead of his. Doctor Kantor also received the Edward Randall Medal for Academic Excellence for exceptionally high scores of his National Medical Board Examinations.

Doctor Kantor did his psychiatric residency training at the Cornell University Medical Center, New York Hospital-Westchester Division.

While at Cornell, Doctor Kantor worked with luminaries in the fields of Psychotherapy, Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Psychopharmacology.

Doctor Kantor studied with innovators in Psychotherapy including Doctor Robert Michels, Doctor Otto Kernberg, Doctor Arnold Cooper, Doctor James F Masterson and many others.

He worked with Doctor Herbert Fensterheim who was at the cutting edge of Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral work would ultimately lead to an explosion of research and innovation in the treatment of Panic Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, Stress Management and many other conditions. Later Doctor Kantor and Doctor Fensterheim coauthored a chapter in a textbook edited by Doctor Benjamin Wolman on the Behavioral Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction.

Also at the Cornell University Payne Whitney Clinic, Doctor Kantor spent a year working with Doctor Peter Stokes and Doctor James Koscis in the department of psychobiology. Doctor Kantor along with his colleague Doctor David Liebling ran the Lithium Clinic overseeing the treatment of hundreds of patients with Bipolar Disorder. Doctor Kantor did research on the ability of Lithium Plasma/Red blood cell ratios to predict maintenance response to Lithium. He presented his findings at the American Psychiatric Association meetings in Toronto and the paper was later published in the psychiatric literature.

Doctor Kantor spent a year training with the late Doctor Helen Singer Kaplan, a brilliant innovator in couples/marital therapy and in the treatment of Sexual Dysfunction. Doctor Kaplan wrote the seminal textbook, The New Sex Therapy, which adapted the work of Masters and Johnson and integrated it with psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and systems theory therapies to derive incredibly effective treatment outcomes.

After leaving Cornell, Doctor Kantor did a research fellowship under the direction of Doctor John Kane at Long Island Jewish Hospital. There he did research analyzing the development of Tardive Dyskinesia and exploring its correlation with B mitten EEG patterns. While there, Doctor Kantor did research with Agoraphobic patients with Panic Disorder identifying an association with Mitral Valve Prolapse in some of the patients. His work was presented at the Federation of Science Meetings and was also published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Doctor Kantor went on to practice psychiatry in Princeton and later moved to Fort Myers where he is currently in practice.

He grew up in Houston, Texas and attended Undergraduate School at the University of Houston and The University of San Francisco.

On a lighter note, when he is not practicing psychiatry, he enjoys many hobbies, especially music. He plays the guitar and the piano and was the lead singer in The Continentals while in High School and College and later played in the New York Hospital Blues Band while in residency training.

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